Steve and Brooke are two of our longest and most cherished members. They bring smiles and positivity to Kula on a daily basis and we couldn’t be happier when they walk through the door. Hear what they have to say about their Annual Memberships in the video.

Kula Yoga Studio has changed my life. Not only did I lose weight and sculpt my body, but the everyday aches and pains I experience began to subside. I became stronger and more flexible and my posture improved.

Becky L

I have practiced yoga for over 15 years, however, the last six years with Kula Yoga Studio has been most significant in my overall health. My bone density was in an osteopenia stage heading for osteoporosis and now my T-score has gone back up and I am no longer in the osteopenia state. My doctor was amazed at these results. I also suffer from piriformis syndrome which often creates sciatica and the Hot Yoga keeps the piriformis from becoming inflamed.

Kathie S

I look forward to my time in that hot room, and I relish in the benefits I get from it. I sleep better, I hurt less, I play basketball better, and I soak in the physical challenge every time I go to the studio because every class completed is a victory. Hot Yoga has added a lot to my life, and continues to do so every week. I am hooked on this practice, and it will always be a part of my training routine!

Sean M

I used to love distance running, having run the Boston Marathon twice and New York City Marathon twice, but now yoga has replaced the extremes of distance running while achieving many of the same benefits and more. I encourage anyone interested in living a healthier lifestyle to attend one of Kula Yoga Studio’s classes. While there, you will learn to “calm your mind and be in the moment”. It’s magnetic. You will want to come back for more! The experience will ultimately enrich your life forever.

Michael G