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Hello Kula Yogis and more;)

I have asked Jeremy and Mike if I could share a piece of writing with all of you as I was recently reminded of the incredible benefits of the yoga, and how special of a space Kula Yoga Studio continues to be.

I am currently in Bali, Indonesia. I am 10 days into a month long trip. I have been wanting to take a trip like this for a couple of years now; since I sold the yoga studio. While it has taken me a while to be ready to do this, and with a lot of reservation, I finally decided that now is the time.

After 36 hours of travel time, 12 hours time change, a delayed flight out of Buffalo that caused me to miss my connecting flight to Bali and lost luggage, I arrived at Seminyak Villas, my home base here in Bali for the next month.

A friend of mine, who recently visited, told me of a hot yoga studio around the corner of where I was staying. I didn’t necessarily have plans to go. In fact, I didn’t have any plans other than where I would be staying in regards to how I was going to spend my time here.

In the days leading up to the trip I was having a lot of distressing feelings that had me considering canceling this trip a number of times. so I was grateful when I actually got on the plane and made it here.

My yoga practice has been very sporadic over the course of this past year, but was not a concern. I have had plenty of times throughout the past 19 years where I have stepped away from my practice for one reason or another.

Because I haven’t been consistent recently with my practice, I didn’t give give much thought to the idea of having it available to me while on my trip. In fact I had no desire to fit it in while I was here.

I arrived on a Thursday and spotted the yoga studio while out exploring the following day Each time I passed it over the next several days I felt as if it was reaching out and inviting me in.

I must admit though, because I was very intimidated, I kept my head down and walked on by each time.

Until Day 7. Almost a week in. I don’t know what provoked me to take the leap. Maybe it was simply being here for a week and feeling a little more comfortable with my surroundings, but I finally went on line, bought a 10 class pass, and registered for the 9am 60 minute class the next morning.

It was a lovely studio. I was immediately greeted with smiles and an eagerness to make sure I knew I was welcome. The lobby was on the entrance level, but the studio was up two flights of stairs, allowing for the build up of anticipation as to what I would find at the top.

It did not disappoint.It brought me back to my beginning days of 26&2 Yoga when I showed up to my first class only to appease a friend who suggested I could fix the overuse injury to my knee. I doubted it. Yoga was the last thing of interest to me. I was a runner. I liked to be outside in any kind of weather. I loved the freedom it gave me and the personal challenges I set for myself.

I do note remember a single moment of that first class, but I know I was hooked and on a plane five months later heading to yoga teacher training.

Here in Bali, taking my first international hot 26&2 class, I felt that same sense of connection and wonderment that I had felt 19 years ago, and I took some time to reflect back on my beginning. It brought me to tears. Never did I imagine my life could be what it is today. So much of the time has not been tidy, but I have grown into a person I actually like and am proud of. I attribute much of my healing, growth and success to my willingness to continue, after all these years, with this yoga practice. It is, in my opinion, absolutely brilliant, completely reliable, painfully challenging at times, and worth ever single dollar, bead of sweat, tear that has been shed (for some of us;) – I certainly have shed a countless number over the years;) and every single deep breath we have taken together in that hot room. My experience here in Bali has reminded me of this.

When I sold the studio, people wanted to know, and rightfully so, what was I going to do after the studio. Although the plan was and still is to open a fairly large scaled retreat center, I was not at all certain how things were going to play out. In fact, I am still discovering the steps to get there.

In the meantime, I am working on a very sweet community wellness center, taking in every minute of my time here in Bali, which by the way has led me to an idea of putting together a yoga retreat here in the next year (More to come on that!), and see what’s to come down the road in regards to my plans for the larger scaled retreat center.

I hope this message finds you all well. I have see many oldies but goodies during my sporadic visits to the studio, and so many new faces.

I continue to be grateful to Mike and Jeremy for taking the studio on and working so diligently and continue to offer you and our community the best!

On a side note, this Bali studio also offers IHP, and boy did it kick my butt! But I enjoyed every moment of it, even the ones I had to sit out, and I am looking forward to trying out the new Barre classes when I return.

With much gratitude,
Gina Barrett

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